Mai K. Nguyen
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Mapbox Install Flow UX Audit


Mapbox Install Flow UX Audit

As the designer on the growth team at Mapbox, I decided to do a UX audit of the sign up and installation flows for our products. After an A/B test with muddled qualitative and quantitive results, I realized that some fundamental ux friction points in our onboarding process needed to be addressed to help us achieve a more unified and seamless first-time user experience. 


Audit and user flows

I began with an audit of all four of our current installation flows and combed through our qualitative and quantitative data from our previous a/b test. I then put together two user flows, one for our current sign-up flow and one for a task-based sign-up flow that we had a/b tested. Each user flow focuses on three different user intents. I used these flows to help communicate a story to my team of where, how, and why users felt the most pain points through our current install flow and the task-based install flow test.

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    I then created mock-ups to show how we could remedy these friction points, engage users better, and make it easier to complete their tasks. My suggestions range from significant changes to the fundamental sign-up experience to small low-hanging design tweaks. 

    My overall goals were as follow:

    1. To help users understand that the account dashboard is their home-base as a signed-in user by surfacing the dashboard early on in their first time user experience
    2. To help users orient themselves and have full clarity of where they are within the signed-in experience
    3. To relieve user anxiety by making important things easily and consistently accessible
    4. To give users a sense of control by not overwhelming them with options while still offering an avenue for advanced users 
    5. To unify the overall design of the install flow pages so everything feels seamless and intentional
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    Happy Path

    My final proposed user flow improvements looks something like this: