Mai K. Nguyen
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Hired Client Report


Hired Client Report

At Hired, an account manager’s workflow can be very tedious and time-consuming. As the product design on the internal experience team, I designed a feature that would reduce the daily manual work for account managers and provide greater transparency between our product and our users.



To give subscription-based clients visibility on how their organization is performing on the Hired platform, account managers spend at least 3 hours bi-weekly generating a report, filtering through it, and manually updating individual google spreadsheets to share with clients. As the company prepared to shift to a subscription-focused platform, we needed a more scalable and efficient way to deliver valuable insights to our clients.



After shadowing several account managers to understand their current tools and processes, we decided on creating a client-facing dashboard that would showcase performance numbers in an easily digestible and actionable interface while minimizing hand-holding from our account managers.


Prototype & Testig

Our early prototype focused on displaying key metrics around a team’s hiring performance in a clear and concise layout. An aspect of the project that we struggled on was how much information to show and how much functionality the interface should have. We prototyped with assumptions around whether certain levels of complexity would provide users more clarity or confusion.


To clarify some of our assumptions, we ran some usability tests with Hired subscription clients. The key insights we were able to gather were:

  • Hiring managers found the taxonomy and abbreviations confusing and inconsistent with how they thought about the product IA
  • Hiring managers prefer single-page views over multi-tabbed views
  • Hiring managers need to see more granular data for a custom time range
  • Hiring managers love data visualizations


Initial feedback from both account managers and clients have been very positive. Subscription reports enable a more streamlined process for account managers while allowing full visibility of key metrics for subscription clients, reinforcing the value of Hired as a key internal recruitment tool. It lays down the future framework for a more scalable subscription-based business model for Hired.